With Richard Butler

Rowfit by Mecka Fitness

ROWFit by Richard Butler provides a high energy, low impact, full-body workout for everyone.  Our famously effective group classes combine cardio and strength training with authentic crew rowing techniques in one smart and highly efficient workout.  Increase your endurance, train all your major muscles, and row your way to your leanest, strongest arms, legs, core, arms, and back. Surprise yourself and become who you were meant to be at ROWFit

How is a class run?

A highly effective alternative or a complement to your Cycle, Bootcamp, and CrossFit workouts.

A low-impact, efficient, 60-minute, full-body small group workout that combines rowing circuits on the Concept 2 Indoor Rower, occasionally interspersed with a variety of intervals on the floor, all set to high-energy music.

Suitable for any level, you can expect an energetic, fast-paced, and challenging class in a safe and inspiring environment. Richard welcomes experienced Rowers as well as Newbies or people apprehensive about starting a fitness regime.

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Is this really FUN?

Long-recognized by serious athletes as one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise, rowing offers: low impact exercise, low risk of injury, high caloric burn, increased core and overall body strength. You will also find this workout FUN and goes by quickly!

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