The only Indoor Cycling studio in Pittsburgh to offer a truly VIRTUAL RIDE. The MECKACycle Class gives you the feel of a REAL ROAD RIDE, all on the best equipment. We ride with the top rated Schwinn AC performance bikes. Once you hop on this ride you’ll never go back.

What is a MeckaCycle Class Like?

MeckaCycle classes challenge you to transform your body and have fun doing it. We will help you measure your performance, set new goals and track your progress with the most advanced technology indoor cycling has to offer.

But your progress will really be driven by our world-class instructors who will inspire you to reach personal bests with crazy enthusiasm and exhilarating music.

What is a SPIVI Virtual Ride?

Spivi is a one-of-a-kind virtual interactive cycling experience, and it’s ONLY at MECKA Fitness! Your Spivi Avatar races to keep up with other riders in real time as you climb and descend mountains and sprint across the flats. Spivi allows you to track progress over time to see real fitness gains.

To get the most out of our Spivi classes, update your Spivi profile and take advantage of these benefits:

  • More accurate performance tracking;
  • Control data displayed during Spivi Classes;
  • Personalize your Spivi Avatar;
  • Measure performance and track progress over time;
  • Compete in a variety of in-class individual and team challenges 
  • Track your monthly Spivi points on the global leaderboard
  • Easily share your workouts with friends – and more!

Learn how to update your Spivi Profile here.