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IMG_2470What was your fitness like before coming to MECKA FITNESS?
Prior to LEBO Boot Camp and Mecka Fitness, I had never been a person that was invested in my fitness well being. I was active but would exercise when I had the time, which was not often. I never joined a gym because I thought I would always be uncomfortable and would not embrace it like I would want to. I am a single mom and devoted to my boys, so I always made them the focus and I would just “get-by” each day. If I were able to fit in a workout, I thought of myself as very lucky but did not have a consistent routine.
How long have you been working out with us and how did you get into it?
I started in March of 2015 and I had heard such amazing things about Lebo Boot Camp and the phenomenal coach that Carrie Lehman is. A good friend that was participating in the camp called me one day and told me I should give it a try. I followed his advice and it was one of the best decisions I have made.
What were your thoughts after your first workout here?
I left my first workout feeling alive, rejuvenated and amazing! Everyone was so welcoming and engaging and I felt such ease the moment I walked through the front doors. I could not wait to come back!
What were your goals when joining us?
I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 30 years and I want to do whatever I can to keep myself healthy. I also was looking for the mental clarity that working out could bring me.
11893911_1646676328900800_7860051817316856207_oSince joining what physical and mental transformations have you made? Tell us about that.
I am physically in the very best shape I ever have been. I am strong and powerful and my endurance is amazing. My diabetes is in the best control it ever has been and every day, I awake and know that my effort is paying off. My mental transformation is even more evident than the physical, I believe. I am a better mother, girlfriend, friend, daughter, sister and employee because of the serenity that my work outs bring to me.
What inspired you to make such a drastic change to get healthier? What or who was the biggest motivator?
I wanted to improve my physical appearance and be stronger. I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and see what I felt on the inside, which was strength and determination. My biggest motivator is my love, Steve, because he pushes me on days I do not want to be pushed and I never regret working out. He attends Mecka as well and we enjoy our workouts because we get to spend that invaluable time together. He also smiles as me when we are on the treadmills and that makes me very happy.
What has been the most challenging part of your journey? Biggest obstacles?
I was unsure about how the intense workouts would effect my diabetes but I have not had any issues. It has made my blood sugar levels the best they have ever been.
What changes have you made to your daily life, diet & workout routine that have been the most successful for you?
I start my days very early and I get excited when I know I am going to get to Mecka in the evening. My diet is now clean and greatly improved. I do not have cravings like I used to and I want to get a workout in at any time that I can.
What advice would you give someone looking to start a similar journey?
Just walk through the front door. Just walk through it. Once you enter the gym lobby, you will instantly know you have just started an amazing journey that will bring you physical strength, mental stability and you will see that the community through that door will lift you and make you a better version of yourself.
11999731_1659060454329054_2907051012817367809_oFavorite WOD/Workout Least Favorite WOD/Workout:
I love butterfly sit-ups and air squats! I love them! I am not a huge fan of burpees but I am getting better at them.
Something no one at the gym knows about you?
I have been dating my boyfriend, Steve, for almost 3 years and every single time I am getting ready to see him or he is coming to pick me up, I get butterflies in my stomach and my heart races. We live on the same street and even when I drive past his house, I feel the flutter in my stomach in anticipation that I may see him.
When you’re not here, where are we most likely to find you?
I will be spending time with the people I love most in the world.
Knowing how far you’ve come, if you could give your past self-advice, what would it be?
Don’t let you get in the way of you!
Favorite healthy snack

Do you look up to any particular athlete at the gym?
I admire Carrie. She is my definition of strength and I love her for that.
How do you feel about the coaching staff here? Who has inspired you the most?
As I said, I love Carrie Lehman! She inspires me every day and she was with me when I started at Crossfit/Mecka and she has supported me the entire time. Everyone at Mecka is amazing.