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July 2016

New Cycle Leaderboard info

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Why does MECKA cycle offer better results than other CYCLE STUDIOS?



Dynamic Leaderboard- CLICK HERE

Spivi® collects data from your bikes and displays: Heart-Rate, Power, Cadence, Speed, Distance, Energy, Burned Calories and Rank!
Spivi® combines the data with personal information such as age, weight and performance history it has on record, and generates a unique group simulation in real-time.

and also

Live Performance Feedback

Spivi® collects data from sensors on all bikes in the studio, combines them with the customers’ personal information and privacy settings preferences, and generates live performance feedback. Attributes such as Heart-Rate, Power, Cadence, Speed, Distance, Energy, Burned calories and more are available.

Member Spotlight- Abby Geisel

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Mecka Member Abby began her journey here, in August of 2015. She took advantage of our 13 credits a month series and then quickly converted into a monthly unlimited member. Abby has been in over 100 classes and, she continues to grow strong! For her  May 1st inaugural Pittsburgh half-marathon run, she held a cycle fundraiser we sponsored here, in which she used the raised funds for Cutch’s camp. We are so happy to have her apart of our Mecka community.

Q: What motivates you to take your fitness journey be here, at Mecka?

A: Mecka is an extremely open and inclusive, fun place to workout. I’ve never been to another gym where I’ve felt so comfortable on my fitness journey. There is truly something for everyone here and I love meeting all of the new people who come here.

Q: What is your favorite song to sprint to?

A: Currently I’ve really been digging Cheap Thrills by Sia. 

Q: Do you have a fave shake or pre/post workout snack?

A: Anything green! I love mixing in some kale or spinach with fruits and veggies. I’m always up for experimenting but giving my body the right nutrition it needs to perform at a high level.

Q: Can you share a favorite motivational Quote with us?

A: Today is a good day for a good day!